Hello fellow internauts!

My name is Gloria Scaroni. I am an English, Spanish, and Portuguese translator based in the Philadelphia area specializing in education, human resources, and social sciences, mindful of the cultural and linguistic differences within the Spanish-speaking community in the US. Successfully manage a wide range of ongoing projects from different clients and translation agencies by providing consistent service and linguistic support. Interested in helping others make informed decisions and break down language barriers.

I started working in the translation field in 2009, and never looked back since. In addition to translation, I provide localization, copy-editing, audio transcriptions, and linguistic validation services.

At the time, I am working on my Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies with the University of Denver. So far, I’m enjoying the course and I’ve been learning a few new things to improve my skills and provide you with an overall better translation experience.

I am at your service.

Contact Me:

E-mail ♦ gloriasc88@gmail.com
Tel.      ♦ +1.610.390.3381

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