Hello, my name is Gloria Scaroni. I am an English, Spanish, Portuguese translator based in Pennsylvania, specializing in Education, Human Resources, Business, and Social Sciences.

I started working in the translation field in 2009, and since then have made it my livelihood. Nonetheless, a girl can’t live on translation alone (ha! I can hear my colleagues already). In my case, I’ve seen the need and have taken  the opportunity to learn about and provide other services, such as proofreading, editing, audio transcriptions, interpreting, linguistic consultancy, and linguistic validation.

At the time, I am working on my Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies with the University of Denver. So far, I’m enjoying the course and I’ve been learning a few new things to improve my skills and provide you with an overall better translation experience.

I am at your service.

Contact Me:

E-mail ♦ gloriasc88@gmail.com
Tel.      ♦ +1.610.390.3381

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